Every winter, in the courtyard of our grandfather Otello and our great-grandfather Oreste, it was so fascinating to attend the rituals of pigs’ slaughtering. A gesture that initiated our passion for butchery and communicated us the ethics towards work, done with our hands, with integrity and honesty towards ourselves, the family and those who will be fed with these artisan products.

In 1998, we were young when we decided to rent a small salami production workshop in Sant’Agata Villanova d’Arda (PC). Our masters were the elderly butchers owners and the employees – who have been working with us since that time: they taught us the liturgies of the workmanship, attentive care in the selection of the hams at the slaughterhouse, the art of the knife and the skills of the hand that salts, encases, binds and seasons. In those years, the perception of protected designation of origin appeared slight and mild on the market, but our intuition prompted us to look for a birth territoriality and in August 2004 our new Laboratory was born in Roncole Verdi (Busseto). In the P.D.O area (Protected Designation of Origin), with a 1800 sqm lab with natural underground cellars, we realized our dream of matching the passion born in the courtyard with the craft art of Culatello di Zibello.

culatello trasporto

Generally, children follow their fathers’ footsteps: within our experience, however, this is the time to welcome the presence of our father Renato, who sealed our project on a mission that can challenge generations. We share, with our employees, innovation, research, advanced technology and tools that may help us getting a better quality; we do not care about quantity, our goal is a natural product that respects a precise discipline and the taste of all.
Yes, we are ambitious: we dream that the excellence of Italian charcuterie can collect all its ancient history in order to be spread all over the world. Dreams are always the best beginning.