Dallatana has always believed in the importance of conducting its business in full respect of the surrounding environment, in order to minimize possible negative environmental impacts.

This commitment has been realized in 2004 by installing a sewage treatment plant for the treatment of waste water and making it suitable for drainage in surface water and in 2011 with the installation of a 116 kWh photovoltaic plant, exploiting renewable solar energy for the production of electricity.

In September 2016, the company joined, as pilot company, the project promoted by the Environmental Ethics Center in Parma, in partnership with Parma Industries Union (Unione Parmense Industriali), concerning an “Environmental Management Organization Model for Small and Medium Enterprises”, in order to achieve three main goals:

  • To know and be aware of the environmental impact that Dallatana production activity causes;
  • To organize, plan and implement an organizational model in order to have all relevant aspects under control, in order to meet the requirements of the legislation, as well as to prevent any damage to the environment and to avoid penalties due to non-compliance with the legislative requirements;
  • To define an improvement plan by fixing concrete goals to optimize the use of natural resources and reduce the environmental consequences due to production activity.

The project ended in May 2017 and allowed the setup of a Simplified Environmental Management System: the significant environmental aspects, which are under constant monitoring and which improve the company environmental impact, are as follows:

  • Photovoltaic system
  • Waste water treatment plant
  • Emissions in the atmosphere
  • Acoustic impact
  • Special waste management

For further information, please contact the Environmental Manager Dr. Fiorenza Burgazzi at quality@dallatana.it